Exploratory Data Analysis in 2...

Most times when doing exploratory data analysis in python, probably via our Jupyter notebook, we get tired typing too many code.

A library Dtale can be quickly used to get results and also the codes which we can copy and paste in our editor text and see the exact same analysis.

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Practical Data Science: Free t...

A large amount of data in many real-world data sets comes in the form of free text (user comments, but also any “unstructured” field)

(Computational) natural language processing: write computer programs that can understand natural language

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What is NumPy and why is it us...

What is NumPy and why is it used in Python?

Numpy- Also known as numerical Python, is a library used for working with arrays. It is also a general-purpose array-processing package that provides comprehensive mathematical functions, linear algebra routines, Fourier transfo... know more

Practical Data Science: Relati...

The basic relation (i.e. the table)

The term technical term “relation” can be interchanged with the standard notion we have of “tabular data,” say an instance of a “Person” relation

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