Edo State Public Procurement Agency's courtesy visit at the ongoing Data Analysis IT Program

  • 4 months ago
  • Gritinai

The focal point of the 8-Week Data Analysis IT Program revolves around data analysis, equipping participants with advanced skills vital for navigating the dynamic IT landscape. Utilizing tools such as MS Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Power BI, and Tableau, participants delve into the core of data analysis. Notably, the program emphasizes an introduction to Python within the context of data analysis.

Underscoring the significance of data analysis in informed decision-making cannot be overstated. Aligned with our mission at GritinAI to democratize AI knowledge, the program aims to make data analysis accessible and understandable for all participants, regardless of their prior experience or background. Through hands-on projects and real-world case studies, participants not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical insights into applying data analysis techniques in real-life scenarios.

The data analysis program empowers participants to apply acquired skills in their personal lives, fostering personal efficiency and societal contribution.

Today's guest speaker, Mr. Ezekiel Obazuwa, holds a degree in Biochemistry. He stressed the idea that one's undergraduate degree doesn't always dictate their career path, but rather serves as a foundational background and a mental preparation tool. Currently, as the head of the e-procurement department at Edo State Public Procurement Agency, he emphasized the importance of intentionality and diligence in achieving success. Despite his academic background, Mr. Obazuwa entered the procurement field and dedicated himself to studying procurement law and regulations, he also took relevant courses and degrees to improve and widen his knowledge base, eventually becoming deeply engaged in his role, which ultimately paid off. Among his notable achievements, he has been internationally recognized for leveraging technology to enhance procurement processes and increase transparency within the state. Mr. Obazuwa highlighted the significance of data in fostering transparency and informed decision-making, urging participants to commit to continuous learning and to actively apply the skills they acquire.