Tools For Data Science and get...


Every journey toward programming starts with a language. So before jumping into data science tools we need to know the language or languages that these tools can understand.


Imagine you move to a new location, you will agree with me that the p... know more

What is NumPy and why is it us...

What is NumPy and why is it used in Python?

Numpy- Also known as numerical Python, is a library used for working with arrays. It is also a general-purpose array-processing package that provides comprehensive mathematical functions, linear algebra routines, Fourier transfo... know more

Practical Data Science: Relati...

The basic relation (i.e. the table)

The term technical term “relation” can be interchanged with the standard notion we have of “tabular data,” say an instance of a “Person” relation

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Practical Data Science: Matric...


A vector is a 1D array of values

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